Bronze Sculptures

Sculpture ´Dagga Boy´
"Dagga Boy"


Ronnie Wells is dedicated to creating superb wildlife sculptures from miniture to monumental. The quality of Mr. Wells work is evident by the numerous honors he has received. 


Bronze Sculpture
"Riverside Mallards"
Height: 8"
Bronze Sculpture
"Running With the Wind"
Height: 10"
Bronze Sculpture
"Gale Winds and Mallards"
National Headquarters Ducks Unlimited
Memphis, TN
McFadden Foundation
Donalsonville, Georgia
 Campbell Park
Conroe, TX
Lumber Jack
Temple Inland
Lufkin, TX

New Release

"Salmon Fly Hatch"
Height: 14"
Length: 14"

"High Tail'n"
Length : 45"                   SOLD OUT 
Height: 29"
Width: 12 1/2 "

"Ward Brothers"
Height 15" Base 11 1/2 x 15"
"Buffalo Hump"
Height: 18"
"Least Fisherman"
Base 10 1/2 x 13 1/2
"Arctic Wind"
Height 17"
"Last Migration"
Height: 23"
Length: 33"
"Keeper of the Bell"
Height: 21 inches
Width: 9 inches 
"Spirit of Texas"
Height: 18 inches
Length: 29 inches 
Width: 18 inches 

Work In Progress

Check Back Soon!

A portrait of Mr. Wells
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