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Mr. Wells is internationally recognized for his sculpture, being credited with the ability to capture movement and emotion in metal.  He is also quite versatile, possessing the ability to paint in both oil and watercolor.   
In addition Mr. Wells is a gifted writer.  His articles have appeared in both magazines and newspapers.  Mr. Wells is a published author of a children's book and in the process of writing another. 

Oil Paintings


watercolor painting of family walking down a rainy street

Graphite Drawings

Children’s Book

Mr. Wells’ illustrated children’s book, The Legend of Catfish & Little Bream, incorporates the affection for art and wildlife that has motivated much of his career. The tale begins in a small Southern pond, where one of the pond’s inhabitants, a large fish called Catfish, decides that he wants to see more of the world. Accompanied by his friend Bream, Catfish starts on a journey north; the two then go through different adventures. 

This book conveys some important life lessons about friendship and determination in an enjoyable manner. We believe that you and your family will love both the story and its illustrations.
front cover of the children's book:
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